shopping data leads to valuable insight into consumer behavior. Case in point: as the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles get ready to rumble in Super Bowl LII, we analyzed customer data to understand the buying preferences of shoppers in Boston and Philadelphia. Among our findings:

  • Bostonians like luxury. Compared to Philadelphians, Bostonians spend more on average on new luxury cars ($64,040 to $60,611) based on the listing for vehicles sold in 2017.
  • Philadelphians favor domestic brands more than Bostonians do. When we looked at top 10 vehicles in views, we found that in Philadelphia, six of the top 10 are domestic brands. In Boston, six of its top 10 are Asian and European brands.
  • Bostonians buy newer used cars. When we looked at listings for 2014-and-newer used vehicles in 2017, we saw a bigger share of used-car shopper activity happening in Boston (48 percent) than in Philadelphia (40 percent).

These findings underscore one of the ways is as a growth partner – through our strong insight into shoppers. The study on Boston/Philadelphia shoppers shows how we can highlight differences in local markets, which is especially useful for national and regional dealerships seeking to customize their approaches by city. For more insight into the study, check out this post. And contact to learn more about how we can help you.