Are you ready for Black Friday shoppers? According to a new study, 18 percent of car shoppers said they’re more inclined to visit a dealership on Black Friday and 74 percent of Black Friday car shoppers will be on the lot hunting for big savings.

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to put The 4Ps of Automotive Marketing™ to work for your dealership this Black Friday:

  • Product: Black Friday shoppers will be online looking for deals prior to visiting your lot. Make sure your inventory is well-merchandised across the shopping journey where consumers are doing their research, including third parties such as
  • Price: if you haven’t already, consider offering deals and highlight manufacturer incentives. Optimize the content on your website and on social for “Black Friday deal” searches. If you publish a blog, now is a good time to talk about Black Friday themes, special deals, in-store events, or promotions.
  • Place: eight percent of consumers in our study said they would shop over Black Friday simply because “it’s fun.” Black Friday can be an exhausting day for shoppers. Even if your lot is their only destination that day, it’s likely that customers will have battled heavy traffic and possibly wintery weather to see you (depending on your location, of course). Do something special — offer extra refreshments, holiday giveaways, or other in-store events to create a warm and memorable experience.
  • Person: create meaningful connections by following up with previous lot visitors to let them know about any Black Friday deals related to vehicles they might have been searching for. Consumers will be more open to personalized outreach when it informs them of highly relevant deals based on their prior visits to your lot or via online interactions with you.

And Black Friday is more than a one day, on-the-lot experience. Black Friday happens all over the digital world and extends into Cyber Monday the following week. With the trifecta of year-end, month-end, and Black Friday quickly approaching, there’s still time to close out the year strong with the 4Ps of Automotive Marketing.