Mobile shoppers have high expectations and fleeting attention spans. Consumers may receive hundreds of emails per week – and many read most of them on a smartphone – quickly and effectively communicating your dealership’s message is essential to avoiding getting lost in the shuffle. The speed and quality of your dealership’s mobile response can make or break a deal, so always keep these three tips in mind:

mobile ebook holding phoneSpeed Wins

Mobile shoppers are often en route to or already at a dealership actively shopping on their mobile device when they contact the store. A quick, truly helpful response, regardless of communication channel, has the potential to turn a passing window shopper into an in-store customer.

Sharpen Phone Skills

Click-to-call functionality encourages shoppers to call rather than email when they’re using a smart device to shop. And because mobile shoppers may contact the dealership for a wide variety of reasons – anything from verifying directions while on the way to checking vehicle availability – make sure the entire frontline team is trained and available to answer inbound calls.

Tighten Up Email

Whether a shopper sends an email from a desktop or a smartphone, it is safe to assume your response will be read on a mobile device. Account for this by designing all emails to be easy to read across devices, and don’t be afraid to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Simply asking staff, friends and family for feedback on how emails show up on their respective devices can help you understand what your customers are seeing, inform email formatting decisions and increase conversion.

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