Cars Chat

Future proof your dealership so you never miss an opportunity to connect with consumers.

Cars Chat

Being available in real-time to chat with consumers is vital when the ability to visit your store in-person is at a premium. That is why we are waiving fees to set up our Cars Chat solution to help you engage with shoppers from a distance. Cars Chat is flexibly built to connect today’s car shoppers with your dealership — wherever, whenever, and however they want to — through a combination of our artificial intelligence powered chatbot and our 24/7 team of managed chat agents.¹

1 Self-managed option is fee-free; managed chat support comes with a fee.

Tap into New Audiences

Cars Chat can also be extended to your inventory on Facebook Marketplace through our Social Sales Drive solution. Over 50% of messages received from consumers on Facebook Marketplace® occur before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m, so amplifying your Cars Chat package with the power of our 24/7 managed chat team can help you drive even more leads for your store.

Reach out to your sales rep today to learn more about how Cars Chat can drive incremental connections for your dealership.