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Drive New Sales With CARS

With the federal government set to finalize "Cash for Clunkers" rules within the next few days, is your store ready to win more new-car sales? To help you set the stage for these deals, focused its July DealerADvantage Live webinar on the CARS voucher program. Ralph Ebersole,'s manager of automotive consulting and dealer training, was joined in the discussion by: Cliff Banks, editorial director for Ward's Dealer Group; and Joe Oliveri, director of dealer products at Key topics included how to connect with prospects and implement effective online advertising and internet sales processes. Podcast: How Can Market Reports Help Me to Minimize Aged Inventory and Maximize Gross?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Maximize Gross'”][/podcast] To stock your store with vehicles that turn quickly and generate a good profit, do you rely on gut feel or hard data? If you need help taking the guesswork out of this critical decision, ask your online advertising partners. These companies should be able to provide you with […]

Ten Strategic Email Rules for Internet New-Car Shoppers

By Daryl Sanders, Internet Dealer Solutions

There is mounting pressure in the internet automotive sales channel to embrace and rely on email high technology. With this growing trend and influx to utilize videos, jpg pictures, dealer banners, logos of cars and stores, there is also increased and regulated spam control. Therefore, this greatest and latest email strategy hardly ever gets through to potential buyers, and if it does, it quickly lands in a spam folder that most people ignore. Opening up a spam folder requires downloading pictures and content, so unless there is a trusted relationship established, most email recipients would always be leery of opening any unsolicited email.

Tough Times Require Smart Sales

Surviving and thriving in a changing economy requires more than hunkering down and waiting it out. To capitalize on the opportunities in today’s market and that automotive retail experts see in the months ahead, you’re better served by knuckling down and getting to work. To win the business for your store, look beyond the grim, final months of 2008. Focus instead on the factors you control: fully merchandising your listings to catch shoppers’ interest and doggedly sticking with prospects until they purchase.

When Online Turns Offline

In theory, one of the unique benefits about online advertising, versus print or broadcast, is the ability to fully measure the effect of the ad. You post a listing on a third-party site such as, a shopper sees it and calls or clicks, and you have instant feedback that the ad did its job. It’s even easy to run a report that shows how many calls, clicks, chats or other contacts you received off your online ads that day, week, month, etc. Yet those reports fail to tell the whole story. A recent groundbreaking study conducted by found that for every two customers who contact you by phone or email, a third will simply visit the store. So that you’re not missing out on this traffic, let’s look at how you can measure the full value your online marketing efforts deliver. Podcast: How Do I Know If My Internet Program Needs a Tuneup?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Internet Tuneup'”][/podcast] Q: How do I know if my internet program needs a tuneup? A: When your internet program falters, resist the temptation to simply throw in the towel on your online marketing initiatives. By asking yourself four questions, you can determine if it’s time to overhaul your program and use […]