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As a salesperson, you know the important role price plays in the sales process. So why leave it to chance? While some dealers use intuition or wishful thinking to price their cars, others rely on sophisticated internet-based tools. To calculate the price, these tools take several key factors into account: local supply and demand; the vehicle's condition and actual prices. Regularly consulting this information ensures that your prices are both current and competitive. Podcast: How Can I Take My Performance as an Internet Sales Manager to the Next Level?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Your Performance'”][/podcast] As you settle into your job as an ISM, you may be thinking about your career path at the dealership. Increasing your level of responsibility and making more significant contributions to the business begins with looking beyond the day-to-day challenges of selling to internet shoppers. To perform at a […] Podcast: How Can I Get Started as a New ISM?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘New ISM'”][/podcast] Are you a new internet sales manager? If so, you’re probably familiar with the challenges and rewards of being in this exciting position at your dealership.  In this podcast, we’ll offer our top three tips to help you get started on the right track and achieve the long-term results […] Podcast: How Can I Recession-Proof My Advertising?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Recession-Proof'”][/podcast] Today’s changing economy is likely driving changes in your operations, from the vehicles you stock to the advertising you buy. While tough times may tempt you to cut the marketing budget until good times return, this approach carries hidden costs: Reduced exposure typically leads to reduced sales. Rather than make […] Podcast: How Can a Quick, Quality Email Help Me to Sell More Cars?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Quick Email'”][/podcast] With online car buyers, you recognize the importance of quickly responding to inquiries. Before hitting the send button on that next email, though, be sure you’re also providing a quality response. As with any written communication, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Have you answered all their questions and […] Podcast: How Can Market Reports Help Me to Minimize Aged Inventory and Maximize Gross?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Maximize Gross'”][/podcast] To stock your store with vehicles that turn quickly and generate a good profit, do you rely on gut feel or hard data? If you need help taking the guesswork out of this critical decision, ask your online advertising partners. These companies should be able to provide you with […] Podcast: How Should I Price My Listings to Drive More Traffic and Close More Sales?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Pricing Listings'”][/podcast] Putting in place a pricing policy at your store helps you to quickly and consistently price your inventory for a timely sale and a healthy profit. It can also help you effectively manage negotiations with customers based on your current business goals and whether specific vehicles are in high […] Podcast: How Do I Know If My Internet Program Needs a Tuneup?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Internet Tuneup'”][/podcast] Q: How do I know if my internet program needs a tuneup? A: When your internet program falters, resist the temptation to simply throw in the towel on your online marketing initiatives. By asking yourself four questions, you can determine if it’s time to overhaul your program and use […] Podcast: How Should I Work With Women Car Buyers to Sell More Cars?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Women Buyers'”][/podcast] A: I’m certain you’ve heard by now about countless studies indicating that women make and/or influence the majority of car-buying decisions. Yet, for many women, this authority still fails to translate into a pleasant shopping experience. Stop me if you’ve heard their concerns before: I felt like I did […] Podcast: Why Should I Include Video With My Online Listings?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Video Listings'”][/podcast] A: As car buyers shop online, video helps you to fully merchandise your listings. Video also makes your ads more dynamic and compelling, encouraging prospects to spend more time in your internet showroom to see what you have available. It can even set you apart from your competitors who […] Podcast: How Do I Write Compelling Sell Copy for my Online Listings?

[podcast flashvars=”transparentpagebg: ‘yes’, titles: ‘Sell Copy'”][/podcast] A: The sell copy you write to promote a new or used car should tell a story about the vehicle. From describing its condition to itemizing its special features, you want to give buyers a sense of the driving and ownership experience they can expect. Simply repeating the information […]