The Theme? Hyper-Focused Targeting

The last few years have completely revolutionized automotive advertising. From basic listings becoming robust digital retailing tools and billboards transforming into social retargeting ads, the industry is at new heights of invention. 

It’s time to start thinking about integrated solutions for your dealership that not only streamline listings, but fuel connections and funnel growth back to your store. Below are a few trends to look out for in 2020 along with the solutions that can help you capitalize on them.


Long gone are the days of mass-audience TV. Streaming reigns in 2020, and it has fractured audiences. Return on investment for traditional advertising is diminishing. At any given time, only 5% of households in your market are serious about buying a car. That leaves 95% of your ad budget wasted on uninterested TV viewers. Instead of hoping to reach a very small percentage of TV viewers, you can harness the power of a unique in-market audience like ours on Eight-two percent of our in-market shoppers plan to buy in the next six months. FUEL is a new solution that uses your ZIP code to retarget relevant engaged shoppers from with video ads. If you’re ready to be a disruptor and reach this untapped market, sign up for our launch news here:


In 2020, it’s estimated that users will spend over an hour a day on social networks. It’s no secret that social media plays a big part in influencing your shoppers, but true innovators will also use it to drive action. Facebook and Instagram make it especially easy for seamless transaction-type actions, and you need to take advantage of this. While lead forms are the standard, driving quality traffic back to your website is also a valuable outcome. Our Cars Social tool helps drive serious action to your store by retargeting shoppers with native ads on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Even better, our algorithm will decide whether a lead form or website transfer ad is best by analyzing the shopper’s past behavior. Learn more here:


Just like the transaction trends flourishing in social media, there is also a growing demand for seamless online vehicle purchases. You can equip your local dealership to gain from this by empowering your shoppers to build their deal right on your website; 75% of shoppers noted that they want to know their payment before walking into a dealership. Digital retailing is an opportunity that strikes while the iron is hot. Instead of just vehicle detail page views or a conventional e-price form, you are offering a robust pricing tool. It builds trust and transparency in the sales process. The key is to have a digital retailing tool that is mobile-friendly and flawless in its execution. Our tool, Online Shopper, is an easy-to-implement product that exists on both your website and listings. Dealers can connect Online Shopper to their lenders and learn a wealth of data about the shopper, including eligible rebates, desired payment, self-reported credit score, trade-in and more. By the time a shopper walks in, the deal is pretty much done. Learn more here:

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