This week, thanks to your partnership, turns 20.

It was clear two decades ago and remains clear now: To innovate in this industry we must work together to develop solutions. And we’ve come a long way. We have been working alongside you, our partners, to drive this industry into the digital age. Now, we’re defining the future of automotive together.

Automotive retail, mobility and car ownership are changing fast and demanding that we all change to keep pace with consumer expectations. As the industry evolves, our business continues to transform and create new opportunities for growth.

When we look ahead, we see a future focused on navigating the digital-first world: establishing buyer-salesperson connections long before a retail visit; harnessing the promise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to build a better user experience and provide more valuable data to help buy, price and sell more efficiently; and realizing the full power of social media to create awareness and influence with unrivaled targeting accuracy. All these things were unthinkable 20 years ago. With these innovations will come the frictionless and highly personalized experience car shoppers expect.

Our north star, our reason for being, remains the same: advancing the automotive retail system to grow and drive your business by creating quality connections with in-market buyers and providing more efficient business-building opportunities for our partners.

Twenty years later, is wise with experience from making more than a half-billion connections between car buyers and sellers – yet energized like never before about the road ahead. I want to thank you for your trust, your business and your partnership during these first two decades. We look forward to an exciting ride together for many years to come.