Which automotive brands are getting the most lot visits from Cars.com mobile consumers in April? We applied our patented On-the-Lot technology to find the answer and compared the results to the next-most recent analysis, which was conducted in December 2017.

Our April report offers a glimpse at mobile shopping behavior when consumers are on your lot. As we did in December, we identified the top five luxury and non-luxury brands with the most lot visits in the month. For each brand, we also identified the top lots that Cars.com mobile shoppers also visited – in other words, the most popular lots for cross-shopping. Here’s what we found:

  • Cadillac and Chevrolet came on strong this spring. Cadillac replaced BMW as the most visited luxury brand from December to April. Chevrolet supplanted Toyota as the most visited non-luxury brand. In addition, Chevrolet is one of the most cross-shopped non-luxury brands, tied for second place with CDJR and Hyundai. Cadillac is the second-most cross-shopped luxury brand, behind Mazda.
  • Cadillac and Chevrolet shoppers dig each other’s brands. When we looked at the top lots that Cadillac shoppers also visited, Chevrolet topped the list, at 48 percent (roughly the same results for December). Meanwhile, 26.6 percent of Chevrolet shoppers were also looking at Cadillacs, second only to Buick/GMC.
  • Nissan is the most cross-shopped brand, appearing on every brand’s list of cross-shopped brands. In other words, shoppers at all 10 of the most visited lots across luxury and non-luxury categories were also checking out Nissan lots. In addition, Nissan was the only brand to appear on every brand’s list for our December report. Nissan is a highly considered brand in both winter and spring!

Dealerships, pay close attention to which brands are getting the most cross-shopping attention. Be ready to answer shoppers’ questions on the lot about the brands that are indexing high for cross-shopping with your own brands.

For more detail on our April On-the-Lot report, check out the following report. And, check out all of our monthly reports here.