As part of a “Connecting on the Road to NADA” partnership with CBT Automotive Network, and CBT are visiting multiple dealerships en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to learn firsthand how they’re using The 4Ps of Automotive Marketing™ – product, price, place, and person – to fuel their growth. The road to NADA took us to Galpin Motors in the San Fernando Valley, where Jeff Skobin, chief marketing officer and VP of business operations, discussed his perspective on the industry. Watch the full interview here. In addition, check out these highlights of the conversation:

  • Place matters. Galpin Motors is more than a dealership – it’s a self-described campus. Galpin Motors creates a VIP experience through an environment that creates a memorable impression, with amenities such as a full-service restaurant and Starbucks onsite. Galpin Motors has also expanded the notion of “place” to meet customers wherever they are in the digital world. By combining forms of digital marketing such as social media and paid search, Galpin Motor “makes sure we are always there” no matter where people interact with media, according to Jeff.
  • It’s all about the attitude. Jeff said everyone at Galpin has a “servant’s attitude.” He told CBT, “Everything we do is for our customers. We always listen to that motto and make changes to adapt and do business the way they want to.” No wonder Galpin is renowned for customer loyalty!
  • Embracing change is a must. ‘We embrace disruption,” Jeff said. “We enjoy it. We get excited about all the unknowns that make people uncomfortable. We look at embracing those things to provide a better product and service to our customers.”
  • is a valuable partner. Jeff said, “ has been a part of our digital strategy for a long time. They are an independent, third-party marketplace. We want to make sure we’re showing our inventory and what we have to offer on that platform. We love their innovation.”

Thank you, Jeff, for taking the time to talk on the road to NADA! To connect with onsite at NADA, Sign up for a visit now and come on by Booth 4515C.

We look forward to connecting with you at NADA!