In 2017, continued to innovate to fuel the growth of your dealership.

We launched a new way for the automotive industry to define success: the 4Ps of Automotive Marketing™. In an industry that has placed a premium on “look at me!” promotion, redefined the four pillars of marketing to be product, price, place, and person.

For dealerships, promotion hasn’t gone way – rather, promotion has become an element of product, price, place, and person. And the nature of promotion is evolving from throwing messages at shoppers to providing useful information. Promotion is utility.

In 2017, we made significant product enhancements across each of The 4Ps of Automotive Marketing. For example, to empower that fourth P, person, we introduced Salesperson Connect, which helps connect dealership salespeople directly to in-market shoppers – before they visit the lot. This is just one of example of our innovations in 2017 that not only enhances the car shopper experience, but also connects you to’s quality audience.

We’ve created the following one-sheet that contains more details about these updates. Check out our highlights of the year – and thank you for being our partner. We look forward to being your go-to growth partner once again in 2018!