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Today’s modern car shoppers are mobile and multi-touch. Automotive manufacturers and retailers must now consider the New 4Ps of Automotive Marketing™ — product, price, place, and person – to win.

As our new 4Ps video explains, focusing on the 4Ps will create connections to fuel your growth:

PRODUCT: connect consumers to your inventory.
PRICE: build trust with pricing transparency.
PLACE: meet consumers where they are and drive traffic to your lot.
PERSON: empower consumers by connecting them with your salespeople.

We aim to make GrowWithCars.com the automotive industry’s essential destination to stay up to date on what you need to know to thrive in the era of The 4Ps of Automotive Marketing – content such as our blog, insights into on-the-lot shopping trends, research and case studies, as well as information on solutions to drive connections with your products and your people.

What we’ve unveiled today is just a start. We have many more improvements coming based on the insights and feedback you have been giving us. As always, we welcome your feedback – and we’ll keep improving the experience, to fuel your thinking as well as your growth.