Which vehicles are getting the most views by shoppers on the lot? Which ones will turn the fastest? The Cars.com September On-the-Lot (OTL) Trend Report has all the answers.

The monthly report provides insights concerning what makes and models that OTL shoppers are searching for while they are on your lot (via shoppers’ usage of Cars.com). Based on our patented OTL technology, we rank the five most popular vehicles by VDP views (for both new and used vehicles) in seven categories.

We’ve also enriched the report in September by identifying the vehicles that are predicted to turn the fastest based on an analysis of the inflow and outflow of inventory advertised on Cars.com.

Here are September trends:

  • We predict Toyota and Mercedes will be in the driver’s seat with cars predicted to turn sooner than others in their categories. Our inventory analysis predicts five Toyota vehicles and three Mercedes vehicles will turn the fastest across both new and used categories.
  • The most-viewed vehicles by category continue to hold their ground. The vehicles with the most VDP views in August continue to rank at the top in September. No single manufacturer dominates. Honda leads September with the most viewed vehicles in three categories. Seven other manufacturers achieve top placements across the categories.
  • Overall, Ford, Toyota, Land Rover, and Chevrolet enjoy the most views, with Ford placing nine vehicles in the Top 5 in different categories; Land Rover and Toyota placing eight; and Chevrolet placing seven vehicles.

Bottom line: When it comes to views and predicted top-selling vehicles, Toyota is sitting pretty! Check out the September report to learn more about the viewing habits of the OTL shopper.