At, we know that our site visitors measure us against the best user experiences across all industries, including and beyond automotive. Our customers want to find products as quickly and easily as they can on the best retail sites with the kind of eye-popping visuals and rich content that most immersive media/entertainment sites provide. We’re responding by making a better search and shopping experience, which will result in us more effectively delivering the right shopper to the right dealership at the right time.

As recently announced, has made several improvements that make our site more useful to car shoppers. Those changes include:

  • An improved search experience to help shoppers find the right car faster. The beefed-up navigation includes smart filters that help shoppers narrow their inventory search more precisely based on factors most important to the user.
  • Better inventory pages featuring bold photos and visuals, which are essential at a time when visuals speak the language of the digital car buyer.
  • Badging, which employs visual iconography to help shoppers understand why the vehicles they’re viewing are priced the way they are. Badging is a powerful tool to respond to consumers’ expectations of online transparency.

You can read about more features in this announcement. All told, our updates result in a faster, personalized experience that puts car shoppers in the driver’s seat.

We continue to improve the user experience based on real-time behavioral data, and insights from nearly 20 years of consumer data. For example, last year, we employed responsive design to make our site more useful to users across all devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones. As a result, we became the only third-party automotive site that provides that seamless experience from desktop to mobile.

All these changes are good news for our dealership partners. By making faster and more useful, we’re removing friction from the car shopping experience – thus delivering more connections that fuel growth for dealers.