continues to create connections that fuel growth.  I’m excited to announce that we have launched an integrated advertising campaign featuring new creative that raises awareness for specific features that empower consumers to make better car decisions across the New 4Ps of Automtoive Marketing, including what car to buy (product), how much to pay (price), where to buy (place), and who to buy from (person). In turn, we are able to create more meaningful connections for our partners across the 4Ps of automotive marketing, showcasing your inventory, dealership, and people.

Our new campaign features exciting creative and media elements, including:

  • Two 15-second TV commercials. Our new spots demonstrate how provides in-market car shoppers a superior experience by delivering data-driven information across each of the 4Ps. By connecting consumers to dealer inventory, providing transparency around pricing, and offering reviews on not just where to buy but from whom to buy, we have solidified our position as the go-to resource for car shoppers. Check out the feature-focused ads on our Facebook page.
  • Broadcast TV advertising. We’ve been a visible presence during Premiere Week and are returning to sports programming with placements that capitalize on the excitement of Major League Baseball playoff season. For instance, we’re airing in-game TV spots during National League games in October throughout playoff season.
  • Digital Integration. We will round out the campaign by revving up our always-on direct response television, paid search, and digital retargeting programs, which include an all-time high investment across social media and a first-ever presence on Snapchat. And our presence on Major League Baseball includes Twitter integration and TV-synced digital advertising.

Whenever and wherever you see our brand, know that we’re working hard to deliver connections that fuel growth for our dealer partners. We’re revving up our marketing engine to drive an exciting fourth quarter!