More than half the shoppers on your lot are using their mobile phones to research information such as vehicle prices and features even while they browse your physical inventory.[1]

The monthly On-the-Lot (OTL) Trend Reports provide insights concerning what makes and models these OTL shoppers are searching for while they are on your lot (via shoppers’ usage of Based on our patented OTL technology, we rank the five most popular vehicles by VDP views (for both new and used vehicles) in seven categories. Our August report reveals that OTL shoppers are viewing a wide variety of VDPs – with some vehicles getting more attention than others.

  • In the new luxury vehicle category, the Land Rover Range Rover continues to be the most viewed vehicle, ranking Number One for both the luxury and luxury SUV category, as was the case in July. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz and BMW dominate the top five most viewed used luxury vehicles. But the top five used luxury SUV category has a wider representation among BMW, Acura, Land Rover Range Rover, and Lexus. In any case, Land Rover Range Rover is getting its share of views in new and used luxury categories.
  • Jeep continues to get the most views in the SUV category compared to July results. The Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Unlimited are the top two most viewed SUVs in both the new and used categories — and the Jeep Wrangler ranks as the third most viewed used SUV.
  • OTL shoppers continue to show Ford a lot of attention in the truck category. The Ford F-150 is the most viewed new and used truck, and the F-250 makes the Top 5 list in both categories. Meanwhile, the GMC Sierra 1500 is the fifth most viewed truck in both categories, whereas in July the GMC Sierra 1500 made neither Top Five list.

In all, the August report reflects the diversity of VDPs that shoppers are browsing on your lot, with dozens of makes and models represented. Check out the August report to learn more about the OTL shopper!


[1], Mobile Influence on Car Shopping, January 2017.