Welcome to a new era!

The Cars.com team is ecstatic to be an independent, publicly traded company – and the momentum is building week after week.

As our CEO Alex Vetter wrote June 7, as an independent, publicly traded company we now have the flexibility to invest in our product, data, and technologies to better deliver growth to you, our customers. I’ve never been more proud to be part of this organization – and never been more proud to serve you.

We’ve talked to many of our clients, and we’ve been overwhelmed by your support. I thought I’d take a moment to articulate more publicly what we’ve said to many of you privately: now is the time. Our time. Your time.

All of us are growing at a time when upheaval is the norm for local retailers of all types. Just look at the news headlines, such as Amazon announcing it will acquire Whole Foods and its network of 460 stores. Local retailers are under attack.

And you know better than us how much the auto industry is changing – dramatically and rapidly. We’re sensing and responding to the advent of technologies such as voice-activated interfaces, the entrance of new competitors, and even a fundamental change in driving with autonomous vehicles.

You’ve told us you are looking for a growth partner to thrive amid change. We’re now in the best position possible to be the kind of partner you seek. We stand strong with you, America’s most potent force in local retailing. We are here to help you win through our partnership, as symbolized by the longtime dealer partners who joined Alex to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on June 5.

We are, of course, much more than a stock listing, and always will be. We have an exceptional team and workforce that possesses agility, insight, and a passion for serving you. And we have a heritage of innovation – leading in consumer experience and mobile with the first-to-market report on on-the-lot shopping behavior. By being public, we have access to capital to build upon our heritage and develop new ideas faster and more efficiently with a singular focus on you.

As we enter this new phase of growth, we will continue to provide market expertise and unmatched service. Our goal is to deliver you better insights into your business and data to help you grow your business.

Now is the time…we are ready to deliver as your partner in growth.