CPO is an often overlooked asset to many dealerships – not all – but some.  Figuring out how to engage with shoppers who’ve decided on a brand, but not what dealership to buy from can be difficult, even more so when it comes to CPO inventory.  We’ve taken a look at Cars.com CPO data related to one luxury brand to glean some fresh insights regarding CPO and where it stands with car shoppers.

What We Found
  • When looking at 1stparty data provided by a luxury OEM, Cars.com has a huge impact on CPO vehicles.
  • After analyzing CPO e-mails sent only to dealers carrying this luxury brand, Cars.com helped them move metal, FAST!
  • Shoppers who bought from a dealer they emailed closed faster by 8 days.

Click to download our case study on Winning with CPO where we looked at six months of CPO sales data to see how our highly engaged, ready to buy car shopping audience performed when it came to CPO inventory on Cars.com.