It’s great to see our partner Steve White, CEO of Clarivoy, discussing the importance of multi-touch attribution.  There’s a myriad of touch points that consumers encounter along their path to purchase.  It’s important to get beyond last click and really consider all touch points along the path of a consumer’s car shopping journey that have an influence in their decision to consider a vehicle or to purchase to fully understand ad spend and ROI.

“The process of in-syncing folks, it’s a little hairy at times, but as we continue to get more APIs, the process is going to continue to get more streamlined.” – Steve White


Steve continues to elaborate on what Clarivoy is able to show dealers in getting beyond last click and touches on the role of paid search and how he thinks dealers are spending too much money in that arena, “…particularly with brand being the dominant force, it over shadows the effectiveness of paid search.”  Something had to prompt a car shopper to type in a dealer’s name into a search engine – the zero moment of truth – there has to be a catalyst.  In Steve’s case, Clarivoy can track that moment all the way through to a dealer’s website helping dealers understand the engagements happening both on and off their own websites.

This is native integration into google analytics and evolves into the sales attribution product to better help dealer’s understand the consumer’s path online to help provide that “proof” that all dealer’s want from their vendor partners and consumer engagement.

“Some vendors may just be doing retargeting or remarketing for the dealer and they are kind of the last person in, and if they only look at it from a last click perspective, then that vendor is getting all the credit.  And the previous vendors that helped get to that moment helping the consumer get to their website weren’t getting any of the credit.” – Steve White


In the end, Steve highlights that dealers who partner with vendors that help provide insight into the influences on a consumer and embrace the idea of looking at performance differently will be the ones to win and improve their business model.  Third party sites like are a destination for consumers.  We’re proud to see Steve helping dealers understand the value in partnerships and proving out the success of our dealer partners.

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