The below guest article was written by Brian Pasch – Founder of PCG Companies, Author, and Keynote Speaker.  Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Once you have a consistent process in place to ask your customers for online reviews, you will soon be one of the highest rated business in your local market. You can use this to your advantage by developing a reputation marketing strategy. Reputation marketing extends the reach of your customer reviews by advertising to in-market shoppers.

There are two marketing banner recommendations that I would like you to embrace. You should create banners that tout your reviews, like the examples below. You can add your company name/logo to the graphic as well. These types of banners can be used in many ways, and I have given specific suggestions, in the form of a checklist, later in this post.


The second type of banner is one that features your customers with a text overlay of a quote they gave to you about their experience. I have provided a great example below.


You will want to have your customers sign a release to use their image in online marketing campaigns. When you include photos of actual customers, you build additional credibility for local consumers.

You will see that the image also documents where the customers live, and this should not be omitted from your graphics. You want local consumers to see that you serve the many communities that are located near your business. I would make it a priority the get at least one photo quote from consumers living in cities that you want to serve.

Reputation Marketing Checklist

I bet you can think of a few ways to advertise your customer service excellence online and in the showroom. Here are a few reputation marketing strategies to consider. Highlight which strategies appeal to you the most and then work with your advertising agency and staff to implement them.

In the Dealership

  • Create hang tags to merchandise your vehicles with your positive customer service ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and DealerRater; a mock up is shown below.
  • Create pop-up banner stands that display your top ratings. Place these banners in the showroom, service lounge, or any high-traffic areas.
  • If you are using a Digital Dealership System platform, create graphics that can be added to your showroom TV channel loop.
  • Include a banner in your monthly newsletter that supports in-store marketing hang tags, as shown below for [an] Audi [dealer]:


Online Marketing

  • Create banners that advertise your reviews to be used in your retargeting campaigns. Make a banner for each review website and mix them into your display retargeting strategy.
  • Create banners that can be placed on your website’s Hours & Directions page to engage consumers who are considering a showroom visit.
  • Create banners for Facebook advertising campaigns that drive consumers to your website. Consider creating a page of customer testimonial videos that build evidence of why consumers should do business with you.
  • Create banners for Twitter advertising campaigns and target consumers who own your brand and/or who are in market for service.
  • Create banners to be used on inventory syndication websites where you have dealer listings page and/or re-targeting campaigns. For example, on dealers can load photos and videos on their “Dealer Overview” page (see example below). Add a great mix of customer overlay photos to make the page come alive!


  • Create banners that tout your reviews to be loaded on your Google My Business (GMB) Page. Just like the example, your GMB page is a great place to let your customers speak.
  • Create a video compilation of customer testimonials that you filmed at the dealership. Add graphics in the video regarding your online review scores. This video can be used in video pre-roll campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and on your Google My Business page.

Reputation Marketing: The Next Step in Reputation Management

By advertising your customer service reviews, you amplify your team’s great work. When you check into a hotel you will often see their TripAdvisor ratings on the counter or back wall. Some consumers will not read reviews on native websites like Google, TripAdvisor, or DealerRater, so bring your positive message to them.

Reputation marketing is even more effective in dealers in your local market have poor reviews or a low number of online reviews. If your dealership delivers an outstanding customer experience, install a process that generates a consistent stream of positive reviews. Then, leverage those reviews with reputation marketing to set your business apart from other local choices.

There are a number of tools that can help you build effective Reputation Marketing campaigns. PCG published a research report on one of those tools: Prime Response. Download a copy of our research here: Prime Response Report