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It sounds like a tough task, but promoting your store’s online reputation can be easy if you put the right processes in place. And given that 91 percent of car shoppers reference reviews when selecting a dealership, showing off a high quality rating could make the difference between a shopper choosing your dealership over a competitor down the road. All it takes is a few small changes and a commitment to consistently highlight your team’s great work. To get going, here are five simple examples of dealerships that win big by showing off their online reviews.

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1) Promote via email

Hugh Janda of Jordan Automotive sends an email to customers that links to his dealership’s Dealer Reviews page after meeting them on the showroom floor, as well as immediately after he delivers a new vehicle – sometimes before the customer has even made it home. Not only does it let the customer know he’s dedicated to providing a quality experience, it opens a relationship for service and referrals after the sale.

2) Promote on your website

Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM promotes their online reviews through a dedicated testimonials page on the dealership’s website. Future customers are encouraged to look at the store’s reviews and learn about the great experience the dealership provides, while existing customer are asked to visit the page to share their own feedback for others.

3) Promote on your lot

The team at Cap City Nissan puts their reputation in lights with a sign on their lot bragging about the great reviews they have on While many people still read reviews online in advance of their visit, the sign reinforces that Cap City is proud of the way they treat customers and helps influence last-minute research shoppers are doing on their smartphones while at the store.

4) Promote in person

Sales consultants at Tom Wood Toyota hand out postcards directing prospective customers to and a handful of other sites as soon as they walk in the door. The handouts help raise awareness for the dealership’s online reputation to shoppers who may not have already read their great reviews while shopping online.

5) Promote in your advertising

George Dunn at Maguire Automotive takes comments from online reviews and incorporates them into traditional media. Radio and television spots build up the store’s consumer-friendly brand by sharing direct quotes from customer reviews, rather than pushing sales messages.

Maguire Automotive Radio Spot

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Setting up your team for success with online reviews