IOWT Groove search 2

Do all of the car shoppers who visit your dealership’s website behave the same way? Do they click the same buttons and look up the same vehicle inventory? Well, not exactly. The reality is that every consumer who lands on your website is in the middle of a very unique series of events.

However, when visits are aggregated and analyzed, it’s possible to draw conclusions about the quality and intent of shoppers who share common traits. Keeping this in mind, recently partnered with Groove Automotive and Dataium to try and uncover these previously unknown consumer trends. An in-depth analysis of visitors to dealership websites belonging to the Groove group, as well as, revealed that shoppers who visited prior to visiting a Groove property conducted 71percent more inventory searches than shoppers who had not been to After having researched on, individuals who arrived on a Groove site were also 85 percent more likely email the dealership and twice as likely to show a walk-in indicator, on average. A strong indicator that traffic coming from was consistently more engaged in the car shopping process.

For more, read the full case study, Unlocking Big Data: Analyzing Shopper Behavior Beyond The Last Click.