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For consumers, online videos provide an easy, low-impact way to learn about new products and services. From flat-screen TVs to bowling balls, if there’s someone shopping for a product online, you can bet there’s an informative demo or buying guide to be found in video format. In automotive, savvy dealerships can take advantage of this by creating their own video content, such as testimonials, vehicle walk-arounds and “about the dealership” videos.

But while the amount of video consumed each year is growing steadily – nearly two-thirds of the United States population viewed a digital video in 2014 – the devices shoppers are using to watch videos are changing, according to a new report from eMarketer. A majority 59 percent of consumers viewed a video on a PC last year; however, PC consumption is down 3 percent for the year. Conversely, smartphone and tablet viewership were up, a trend that’s expected to continue to rise dramatically in coming years.

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