Local Audience Profile

Cars.com knows car shoppers. With 30 million consumer visits each month and a wealth of data on shopping trends, we have a unique view of the multi-faceted process of buying a vehicle.

Shoppers who use Cars.com conduct research across multiple devices, and they show their interest and intent to buy in a countless variety of ways. From checking reviews and comparing models to contacting dealerships and reading editorial content, our audience is open to influence and in-market to buy.

But while most car shoppers share certain universal traits, such as doing the bulk of their research online, there are also interesting differences between shoppers based on the type of vehicle they’re shopping for, the mobile tools they most frequently use and the generation they belong to, all of which can help retailers and manufacturers more effectively tailor their digital marketing strategies.

In our new, ongoing series, we’ll be taking a deep dive into a handful of common shopper profiles, sharing new insights and tips on how to best engage each audience. Take a sneak peek at each profile below and stay tuned for next week’s in-depth feature on the “New-Car” shopper.

Shopper Profiles

The “New-Car” Shopper

The “Mobile” Shopper

The “CPO” Shopper

The “Luxury” Shopper

The “Millennial” Shopper