83 percent star ratings

The direct customer feedback within online reviews provides great context to shoppers who are looking to understand the experience your dealership provides. Not only do verbatim comments call out the stellar (or poor) service of individual staff members, they help identify process issues and dealership needs, a benefit to both the dealership and consumers. However, the impact of positive and negative reviews goes far beyond the text included in any single comment.

According to Digital Air Strike’s 2014 Social Media Trends study, more than 8 of 10 car buyers reported referencing a dealership’s star rating in search results, even if they didn’t click through to read the text attached to the store’s reviews. A likely byproduct of a consumer shift towards actionable, visual content,  this behavior has serious implications for dealerships.

Without a solid foundation of positive reviews, your store runs the risk of being dropped from consideration when shoppers scan Search Results Pages and Dealership Directories, particularly if multiple same-make competitors are within driving distance of the consumer. If there are two dealerships to choose from, one with 2 stars and one with 4.5 stars, the choice is simple.

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By matching positive words with positive ratings, which naturally correlate, your dealership can stand out regardless of whether a shopper is quickly skimming listings or digging into each and every comment.

Learn more about the 2014 Digital Air Strike Automotive Social Media Trends study here.