25 percent mobileMillennials and smartphones are attached at the hip – literally. According to a recent report from eMarketer, nearly 90% of Millennial smartphone owners say their mobile device doesn’t leave their side from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. And with smartphone ownership at an all-time high, particularly among Millennial car shoppers, the way dealerships communicate, both through advertising and in one-on-one conversations, is rapidly evolving.

The eMarketer report shows that Millennials aren’t simply carrying around their smartphones and tablets for looks – they’re using them as an integral part of everyday life. More than three out of four Millennials say they spend 2+ hours each day using their device; however, they aren’t always thrilled with the mobile content and experiences they find. Of consumers in the age group, 86% agreed that there are still “a lot of websites that don’t offer good mobile functionality.” Both a red flag and an opportunity for dealerships, operators have a chance to distinguish themselves from competitors by creating a strong, consistent, mobile-friendly presence within their markets.

Doing the basics like creating a mobile-friendly website is a great first step, but as mobile continues to grow, having a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy that stretches across advertising channels will be key to long-term success for dealerships.

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3 Quick Things to Do Today

  1. Verify that vehicle pricing and merchandising information is consistent across all mobile advertising channels. Confirm that the prices you have listed online are the same as what you’re displaying on the lot.
  2. Test your display ads and phone numbers. Display ads should always click-through to mobile landing pages when viewed on a smartphone or tablet, phone numbers should always be click-to-call without having to pinch to adjust the screen size.
  3. Look for similar trends in your own web analytics. Pull the “Mobile Overview” report under the “Audience” tab in Google Analytics for a quick snapshot.

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