From major company announcements to takeaways from DrivingSales Executive Summit, here’s a recap of this week’s top stories featuring

Mitch Golub’s Announcement

On October 23, Mitch Golub announced his decision to step down from his role as president of Several media placements and social comments followed this news, including an article on DrivingSales and AutoRemarketing.

Service & Repair Insights

Jack Simmons presented our service research from GfK – also found in our Trust and Price Transparency: The Keys to Rescuing Service Profits report and Scheduled Maintenance: Leveraging Online Reviews in the Service Lane – at this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit in Las Vegas. He presented the same insights at DrivingSales President’s Club earlier this year and was awarded with Most Valuable Insight. As a result, an article was secured on following the conference.

1st vs. 3rd

Ongoing conversations around the 1st vs. 3rd debate continue to heat up in the media. Last week, Benzinga published an article on the topic.

“Death of an Auto Analyst”

Earlier this month, Morgan Stanley published a piece on the “Death of the Auto Analyst,” which discusses the changing tide of analysts in the automotive industry and how they see their role shifting in the future. consumer affairs editor, Kelsey Mays, commented on Morgan Stanley’s prediction in an article on Benzinga, which was also picked up by Yahoo! Finance.

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