What can 196,000 unique visitors tell us about the relationship between independent research sites like Cars.com and traffic to dealership websites?

In our latest case study, Unlocking Big Data: Analyzing Online Shopper Behavior Beyond the Last Click, Gabriel Montano, Operations Manager at Groove Automotive shares new findings from an independent analysis of traffic to Groove Automotive websites.

Unpacking Big Data - Groove Automotive Dataium Case Study
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Cars.com and Groove worked with Dataium to collect and analyze website traffic over a 12-month period, looking for trends that spoke to the overall quality of the Cars.com audience and how they interacted with Groove’s dealership sites.

Groove Auto Group operates four Denver-area dealerships representing five franchises. Established in 2009 and owned by Summit Automotive Partners, Groove prides itself on its customer-centric approach and has a dedicated team of experts who analyze data, metrics and performance to help drive success for their dealerships. On a national level, Summit Automotive owns and operates 22 dealerships representing 19 manufacturers, and was formed by a group of automotive and business professionals seeking to change, through innovation, the way car dealerships do business – with their customers and as an organization.