From the role of third-party research sites to major manufacturer news, here’s a recap of this week’s top stories featuring

3rd Party Research

Recent stories in Automotive News and MediaPost highlight new research commissioned by related to consumer buying habits. Citing the Digital Influence study, the articles call out the differing levels of influence traditional media, online research sites and OEM/dealership advertisements, among other sources, have on consumer shopping decisions.

Self-driving cars

According to a new report from, Audi recently beat out Google to become the first company to be permitted by the state of California to test self-driving vehicles on public roads. Chief Analyst Jesse Toprak shares how Audi is leading the race to the self-driving car market.

Cadillac heads to the Big Apple

Aaron Kessler of The New York Times writes about Cadillac’s decision to separate business units and move to New York City in an effort to re-brand the automaker. Toprak weighs in to share perspective on Cadillac’s uphill battle to change its brand image with affluent consumers.

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