80% cars.com shoppers

Marketplace sites like Cars.com are more than just inventory portals, they’re one-stop consumer car shopping destinations. Because of this, consumers seek out, and value, a wide variety of content. From vehicle advice to payment information, local directories to online reviews, there are an infinite number of paths a car shopper can take while researching his or her vehicle purchase.

For the vast majority of Cars.com shoppers, dealership information goes hand in hand with inventory. In fact, a recent analysis shows that 80 percent of Cars.com shoppers access information about specific dealerships, not just inventory listings, while conducting research and making decisions on the site. While inventory often takes the lionshare of focus for dealerships, it’s important to understand how online brand – how the dealership as a whole is represented – can influence consumers.

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Take advantage of this opportunity by updating your Dealer Profile Page to include your best photo and video content, and take it a step further by making sure your store’s Dealer Reviews are up-to-date, positively highlighting your sales and service staff. With just a little bit of work, you’ll be able to stand out from local competitors while also targeting new customers online.

Have questions on how to best update your dealership’s brand pages on Cars.com? Don’t hesitate to connect with your local Cars.com representative or drop us a line at dealeradvantage@cars.com.