With consumers turning to their computers or mobile devices to research and ultimately choose a service provider when in need of vehicle maintenance, it’s important that dealerships take the right steps to improve the way their stores show up online. But what are consumers looking for exactly? Let’s break down three areas that rate heavily with consumers:

3 steps service infographic


Consumers want to know that they can count on a dealership to not only purchase a car, but also maintain it for years after. They actively seek out proof of trustworthiness, and a nonexistent or poor online reputation can throw a wrench into their decision. Consider this: 64% of in-market buyers indicate that a service department’s reputation is a factor when choosing where to buy a vehicle. Consumers are looking at the whole package right from the beginning of their shopping journey.


Only 10% of in-market buyers say they would not seek out service department reviews prior to purchasing a vehicle, which shows that public opinion, through reviews, can have a powerful affect on the dealership’s bottom line. Keep in mind consumers are not always looking for a dealership with only positive reviews, too. They simply want an honest look at how the dealership and its staff will treat them. They respect accountability and accept that sometimes customers have negative experiences – they just want to know they’re resolved along the way.


Nearly 50% of Cars.com shoppers access the site through a mobile device, which is not uncommon  within the online automotive space. Consumers across the country are using their smartphones and tablets day and night to research and weigh their service options while on the go, and they expect to find what they’re looking for. If your dealership doesn’t have a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy – not just a mobile website – you’re missing an entire section of consumers who depend on mobility.

For more information on how to attract and retain consumers’ attention online, download Scheduled Maintenance: The Dealership’s Guide to Achieving a Positive Online Reputation.