Up more than 30 million users in just over a year, comScore recently reported that there are now upwards of 167 active smartphone users in the United States. Growing at a phenomenal clip, mobile is radically changing nearly every facet of the lives of consumers. But what can dealerships do about it?

The first step is understanding the magnitude of this consumer shift. Much like the internet changed dealership processes over the past 20 years, success with mobile shoppers requires a fundamental change in the way your dealership interacts with customers. Transparency is key; mobile shoppers demand expedience, access and trust when buying a vehicle.

Prepare your store by optimizing for mobile-heavy activities, and know that while car shoppers often use their mobile device while at home or on the go, the majority of people in your showroom are also using a smartphone to do last-minute research and affirm their decision to buy from you.

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