5 questions to answer about mobile media

With new mobile platforms and products popping up every day, making decisions about how to allocate budget to best target mobile car shoppers can be a challenge for any general manager. Though it is clear that shoppers are using smartphones and tablets throughout the shopping process, understanding how to influence them through mobile media requires a strong understanding of shopper behavior, as well as an understanding of various mobile platforms. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started with mobile media, keep these five questions in mind when deciding on your dealership’s mobile advertising spend.

How large is the mobile audience?

Not all audiences are the same, so when making decisions about which mobile channels to advertise on, make sure you find out what percentage of visits/impressions on a new platform are truly coming from a mobile device in addition to the total (desktop + mobile) traffic reported. Nearly half of the traffic to marketplace sites like Cars.com arrives via a mobile device, and it’s likely you’ll see a similar trend in your dealership’s own analytics.

Is the media cross-platform (i.e. consistent across multiple devices)?

From the office to the living room to the dealership lot, consumers have constant access to vehicle and dealership information, and they can make a decision in an instant. Because of this, having a consistent presence across devices – on desktop computers, smartphones and tablet s – not only helps reach new shoppers as they move through the buying process, but also reinforces your dealership’s brand message continuously to shoppers after they’re initially exposed to it.

How easy is the platform to use?

Though customized mobile apps and specially designed mobile content can be effective when executed properly, for most stores, adding additional layers of complexity to a marketing plan is more of a headache than a benefit, and it comes at a significant cost. Instead, look to marketing channels that integrate into existing media strategies and provide easy-to-use tools to reach mobile shoppers.

What opportunities does the platform give my dealership to stand out with mobile shoppers?

Getting the attention of shoppers is no small task, and that remains true with mobile. Whether you’re buying digital display ads or paid search placements, if your dealership doesn’t stand out, it’s easy for consumers to gloss over your presence. Because of this, look for platforms that give your dealership an opportunity to differentiate itself with additional content, such as reviews or dealership information, as well as priority placements.

Can it help build consideration or drive conversion with on-lot shoppers?

While consumers can do many things from a smartphone, physically buying a car isn’t one of them; shoppers still need to visit the dealership, and the majority bring their smartphones along with them. On the lot, 56 percent of shoppers look to neutral third-parties to conduct additional research, verify information and ultimately validate their decision to buy. If the mobile media your dealership invests in doesn’t reach shoppers when they’re closest to the finish line – when they’re shopping on the lot – you’re likely missing a major opportunity to seal the final step of the buying process.

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