Placed Price, payments and offers

While many dealerships have started to embrace the fact that the majority of car shoppers use their mobile devices to do research or “showroom” while on the lot, truly understanding these new behaviors and modifying processes to adapt can be a challenge.

As part of our recent mobile study, we found that, of the 63% of shoppers who used a smartphone to shop on the lot, the majority (51%) looked up information related to vehicle pricing, payments and special offers. Not surprisingly, shoppers are concerned about getting a fair price, and they want to make sure they aren’t missing out on better deal – or better vehicle – at a store across town.

So how can dealerships turn this seemingly negative activity into a positive? By keeping inventory pricing consistent between what’s posted online and what’s displayed or quoted on the lot, dealerships can build trust and affirm consumer decisions. Discrepancies in pricing can turn deal south in an instant, so it’s best to be up front and as competitive as possible with price from the start. Moreover, dealerships that list mobile-friendly special offers on their website, third-party sites or other mobile marketing channels can take a competitive advantage by highlighting the great consumer value they’re offering; Shoppers who view a mobile Special Offer are 28% more likely to view a store map and 80% more likely to visit a dealership website, compared to desktop shoppers.

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