25 percent mobileWith drastic improvements to features, signal coverage and data bandwidth, as well as an explosion of mobile web content, mobile phones have become fully functional computing devices. More than a tool to simply check email, get directions and update social media statuses, in just a few short years, smartphones have become true utility devices, offering consumers experiences that are as good – or better – than traditional desktop computers in many cases. A growing trend across all industries, more than ever, shoppers are relying only on mobile phones.

Mobile usage within automotive is no different. Recent research shows that an astounding 25 percent of shoppers research their vehicle purchases using only a smartphone prior to visiting a dealership. That means that one out of every four car shoppers that steps onto the lot has only been exposed to the dealership on a smartphone screen that’s roughly five inches wide. By not having a strong presence on marketing channels most visited by mobile-only shoppers, including marketplace sites and your dealership’s website, your store may be missing out an incremental audience of potential customers or making a poor first impression.

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