Automotive Marketing, Smartphone shoppers

When car shoppers step onto dealership lots, they’ve got a big decision to make – a bunch of big decisions, really. Is this the car I want to buy? Can I afford it? Are there better options available at a store across town? The list goes on.

In a recent study, we found that the majority of car shoppers turn to their mobile devices to help answer these difficult questions, with 63% of consumers using a smartphone to shop while standing on a dealership lot. A practice commonly known as “showrooming” in the brick and mortar retail industry, consumers now depend on mobile-friendly information, specifically objective third-party content, to build confidence in their buying decisions.

Of shoppers who used a smartphone to do research at a dealership in the study, 56% visited a major third-party marketplace site, far surpassing the use of manufacturer and dealership sites while on the lot. A trend that will likely only grow with the rapid consumer adoption of smartphones, dealers can use this new mobile behavior as an opportunity to build trust with potential customers by encouraging open access to information, being transparent throughout the sales process and, in turn ,reinforcing the dealership’s value.

For more on how mobile “showrooming” is affecting dealerships, check out our full Mobile Device Use at the Dealership Study.