ExactTarget mobile studyExactTarget recently released the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, which helps explain how consumers like to use mobile devices.  It also shows us what consumers think about the information they consume there.  Items in this study that directly impact your mobile strategy and interaction with customers include trends on email, business specific apps, text messaging, social media, scanned coupons/QR codes and mobile optimized websites, among other items.

Here are some key points we’ve identified from this research and how they apply to your dealership.

Mobile Consumption

85% of respondents said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life, and 76% search regularly on mobile.  It should come as no surprise that mobile is critical to many consumers, showing us again how important it is to connect with them there.  Adopting a mobile-first strategy will enable you to get messaging to consumers in a medium they prefer.  Because of this, make sure your digital ads all link to mobile accessible pages.

Mobile websites

54% of survey respondents say mobile-optimized websites don’t give enough information.  Even if you have a mobile-friendly website, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods quite yet.  Use web analytics to understand how consumers navigate your mobile site and make sure visitors have easy access to information in the most frequently visited sections.


91% of users who subscribe to a brand’s texts see it as being somewhat or very useful (Though only 54% do so).  Consumers that don’t like text won’t subscribe.  But for those that do, text can be a powerful and preferred way to connect with a brand.  An easy way to begin using text at your dealership is to adopt a text-based program in your service department that allows patrons to opt-in for appointment and maintenance reminders.


91% check email on their mobile devices at least once a day.  Consumers are reading the emails you send to them on their mobile devices, so make sure these emails are actually mobile friendly. As a best practice, use your own smartphone and tablet to verify formatting and click-through links on all templated emails you send from the dealership.


60% of consumers have downloaded a business-specific app in the past six months, and of those who have, 65% say it’s a more convenient way to access information.  Similar to text, apps aren’t for everyone. But those that do use apps clearly enjoy their experience with them.

QR Codes

43% say they’ve utilized QR codes in the past six months. However, of those who have used them, 90% said they were somewhat or very useful. Just like apps, only a select group of consumers use QR codes.  That said, the people that do use them like them, so it could be worth testing out at your dealership if you haven’t already.  Consider using QR codes on your vehicles that direct customers to expert or consumer reviews.  This will help increase their confidence about buying those vehicles.

To download the full ExactTarget study, click here.