As you sweep up the lot and straighten the sales floor this spring, remember that just like your physical location, your online presence may benefit from a bit of spring cleaning. With that in mind, we’ve put together five quick tips to help freshen up your account and position your dealership for strong sales through summer and beyond.


Winter storms can take a toll on inventory, especially if you’re based in the Northeast or Midwest. Warmer temps may mean melting the snow on your dealership’s lot, but background snow in old vehicle photos doesn’t clear up quite as easily. As you ramp up for the spring sales period, take time to update photos of both your vehicles and your dealership’s exterior for, your dealership’s website and other online channels.

Snow vs. No snow vehicle

Contact and Reporting Distributions

Have new staff members been hired or have employees left your store in the past 6 months? Dealership personnel can change fast, and sometimes administrative updates are missed along the way. Take proactive steps to make sure your information is up to date by reviewing your customer contact and reporting distributions with your local representative. By ensuring the correct team members are being notified of customer inquiries, new Dealer Reviews and monthly reports, you’ll be prepared to effectively manage your team, your online presence, and successfully engage potential customers.

Call Recording provides toll-free numbers to all of our dealer-partners. The custom numbers not only assist in reporting shopper activity each month, they also include an optional feature that allows managers to record inbound calls to the dealership for quality assurance purposes. To enable this feature, simply contact your local representative. Once activated, recorded call reports can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – perfect for coaching new members of your sales staff or giving praise to veteran employees.


Some estimate that consumer use of chat features is up as much as 60% year over year, however many dealerships still haven’t fully integrated this new form of shopper communication into their marketing and sales process. Through, you’re able to have several team members send and receive chat messages through both their desktop computers and smartphones, increasing your availability when consumers look to engage online with your dealership. With minimal set-up and training, you can establish a new and growing communication channel to connect with tech-savvy car shoppers.

Batch and Promotional Taglines

How are you promoting your dealership’s “why buy” message on While many dealerships have strong, dealership-specific marketing messages, not all communicate them through every placement available. By updating your batch and promotional taglines – short messages that are connected to your dealership’s seller’s notes and Dealer Locator presence, respectively – you’ll help tell a consistent story that differentiates your dealership from others on

dealer locator

Have questions? Looking to walk through these tips in further detail? Drop us a line at or contact your local representative to review.