According to new data from comScore, mobile devices accounted for 55% of internet usage in January 2014 – the first time mobile traffic has ever outpaced PC traffic in the United States. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise that consumers – especially car shoppers – have embraced the mobile web as a fundamental part of their everyday lives.

While the comScore data shows that the majority mobile traffic is through smartphone and tablet apps, logical given the wide-spread use of social, utility and gaming apps, the underlying trend reinforces the importance of implementing a comprehensive mobile strategy at your dealership.

Incorporating basic mobile best practices throughout your store, like optimizing your store’s website for smartphones and tablets, is essential to success in 2014 and beyond. Given that approximately 44% of consumers won’t return to a website if it’s not mobile-friendly, ignoring mobile car shoppers is a luxury dealers can’t afford. Rather, savvy dealers should seek to embrace a mobile-first marketing strategy that connects with shoppers throughout the entire car buying process, regardless of the device they’re shopping on.

Getting started

Have you looked at your dealership’s website, email communications and overall online presence through one or more smart devices? Have you analyzed your web analytics to better understand how mobile shoppers are engaging with your website?

Get started by identifying the advertising channels your dealership currently invests in and verify that you’re showing up well through a smartphone and tablet – photos and logos should format correctly, links and phone numbers should be click-to-activate, and layouts should adjust without having to pinch and drag to resize. Simply putting yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and shopping your own store can help to highlight gaps and areas of opportunity.

Navigating Mobile Marketing

Learn more mobile best practices in our latest ebook, A Dealer’s Guide to Winning Mobile Shoppers and listen to Jack Simmons and Alex Vetter highlight new mobile trends in our recent webinar, Navigating Mobile Marketing.

What tips do you have to reach mobile car shoppers? Share your best practices in the comments section below.