Putting your dealership’s best foot forward starts before customers ever arrive on the lot. With critical decisions about which vehicles and dealerships to consider happening online and on mobile devices in the weeks and months prior to purchase, every detail matters – especially when communicating your dealership’s culture and value.

With that, we’re excited to share that, starting today, Independent dealerships on Cars.com will be provided a designated Dealer Profile Page, a dealership-specific page in which they can share photos  videos, feature Dealer Reviews and highlight their dealership’s “why buy” message to prospective customers. Whether you work with a Franchise dealership or an Independent lot, you’ve now got the tools promote your dealership through rich, store-level content.

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Sample Profile Page

To get started, log into MyDealerCenter and select the “Dealer Profile” link from the “Admin” tab. Once you’re there, use these tips to create a best-in-class profile that’ll help your dealership stand out from the crowd.

Click the "Dealer Profile" link under the "Admin" tab to get started
Click the “Dealer Profile” link under the “Admin” tab to get started

Contact Information

  • When is your dealership open? Who’s the best person to contact for used-car sales? Use the provided fields to share the hours of operation and contact information for your dealership.

Photos and Video

  • Do you have quality photos of your dealership, your staff or local community events your store has participated in? Use them to show off your store’s unique personality and give shoppers a sense of what it’ll be like if they choose to work with your dealership. (Note: photos should be 624 pixels wide by 416 pixels tall for optimal resolution)
  • Much like photos, a video can help give personality to your store online. Grab the URL from one of your dealership’s YouTube videos or create a new one using your laptop’s webcam to get going, just be sure you’re highlighting the dealership as a whole, not a single unit of inventory.

About the Dealership

  • Does your dealership have a unique history? What’s your specialty, and what value do you provide to customers? What can car shoppers expect if they choose to do business with you? Seek to answer these types of questions in a short 200-400 word paragraph (or two) about your dealership. You may even be able to borrow copy from the “About Us” section of your website.

Dealer Reviews

  • Have others shared positive Dealer Reviews about your store recently? Once you’ve filled out all the “Dealer Profile” fields, hop over to the “Reviews” tab in MyDealerCenter to a select a review to feature on your Profile Page. If you haven’t already, also make sure to respond to the review you’re highlighting and thank the customer for sharing his or her feedback.

After you’ve knocked out all of the new Dealer Profile content areas, jump over to the Cars.com Dealer Locator to view your page and make any necessary adjustments. Updates should be reflected on Cars.com within 30 minutes of making them in MyDealerCenter.

Still have questions or need a hand updating your store’s Dealer Profile Page? Reach out to your local Cars.com rep or drop us a line at DealerADvantage@cars.com.