The automotive sales process is complex, and the influx of mobile shoppers isn’t making it any easier for dealers. To navigate this rapid shift in consumer behavior and market to shoppers at the most critical points, your dealership must go mobile too.

But where do you start? In our latest eBook, Navigating Mobile Marketing, we’ll show you how smartphones have changed the game and give you a path to increase your reach and influence with car buyers.

Navigating Mobile Marketing
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Taking Your Marketing Mobile: If you’re not putting mobile first in your marketing, you risk being out of sync with today’s shoppers. It’s projected that consumers will spend more time on their mobile devices in 2014 than they do on their PCs, a trend that should guide your advertising investments. The guide offers a road map to take your marketing mobile on platforms that reach shoppers across screens.

Influencing Decisions: Having a strong presence on the sites shoppers turn to most increases your reach, but you’ve also got to take steps to engage that audience and influence their decisions. Online reviews, special offers and your dealership profile all provide opportunities to stand-out. Get advice on how to best use these features on to win mobile shoppers.

Winning Shoppers on the Lot: Getting shoppers to your store is just half the battle. With mobile devices in-hand, many are actively shopping your competitors from the comfort of your showroom. We outline simple tips to make your showroom mobile friendly and offer advice to help you overcome the threat of showrooming.

Download the guide now to learn more about mobile’s impact, and what you can do to make sure you’re reaching mobile car shoppers at the most critical moments of their car buying journey.