In their annual Key Digital Trends report, eMarketer outlines major consumer trends set to influence businesses and marketers in 2014. Chief among new consumer behaviors this year is the rapid rise of mobile shopping, with time spent online via smartphones and tablets surpassing desktop/laptop activity for the first time ever. Though the report analyzes trends at national and global level, many of the most important takeaways are already affecting dealerships, specifically optimizing marketing tactics and sales processes to connect with mobile shoppers. Here are few key points from the report:

  • Smartphone Prominence of mobile: Mobile devices, smartphone particularly, are becoming the center of the digital universe for consumers. They don’t have the biggest screens, but they’re the screens shoppers are engaging with most frequently. Because of this, dealerships are rarely more than a tap away  from mobile shoppers.
  • Cross-platform behavior: With the growth of smartphones, tablets and connected portable electronics, shoppers are looking for a mobile experience that matches the activities they’re performing.  For example, consumers using tablets are more likely to do “lean back” activities that are more time consuming and are similar to activities done on desktop/laptop computers.
  • Media multi-taskers: Markets will have new opportunities to engage consumers across channels as digital marketing evolves into marketing within the digital world. Dealerships should be prepared to engage with potential customers at any time, whether on a mobile device, through online reviews and social media, or when they step onto the lot by providing a seamless online and real-world shopping experience.

To learn more about eMarketer’s Key Digital Trends for 2014, check out the report webinar here.