Reputation and Service

Many know that showcasing customer feedback can play a big role in driving sales, but when it comes to service, dealerships are often less familiar with how to use reviews to their advantage. Let’s take a look at three key points that outline the important relationship between sales and service reviews.

The 10:1 Ratio

Service customers outnumber sales customers nearly 10 to 1 at the average dealership. That means that for every happy customer that drives off the lot in a new car, there are approximately 10 customers that feel that their experience at the dealership warranted a return for service.  Use that to your advantage by engaging customers who have happily returned to the dealership for service to build review volume.

Proactive Fans

For many consumers, finding a vehicle service provider that meets their needs is a actually a big deal. Recent research shows that one in four service customers will proactively share their vehicle service experience online, so long as it’s positive. Strive to deliver customer experiences that are worth sharing, and then look for opportunities within your existing service workflow to ask customers to share  a Dealer Review about the dealership on Each store has its own unique process, but if you’re looking for a place to start, try handing out the provided Dealer Reviews point of sale materials to service customers at checkout.

New-Car Connection

The way your dealership treats service customers says a lot about what shoppers can expect when visiting your store to purchase a new vehicle. Over 90% of new-car shoppers report that they want to read service reviews when considering a dealership to buy from. By building a strong base of online reviews for both sales and service, and continually adding new reviews, you’ll ensure that when new-car buyers seek your dealership out, you’ll have your best foot forward.

Learn more about the basics of Service and Reputation in our latest infographic.

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