ebook The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution

Now that we’ve discussed each of the 7 Sins of Attribution, let’s take a look at how a fresh approach to measurement can show up in practice.

Evaluating relevant metrics across the entire shopping journey, not just a handful of familiar contact points, provides a more complete view into the performance of your digital marketing. By understanding how shoppers are exposed to your advertising, and all the ways they engage, you’ll find new opportunities influence decisions and drive sales.

At, we’re developing a new framework to help you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your media spend, offering new insights to fuel your dealership’s marketing strategy.


We’ll provide important data about:

  • The audience you reach
  • How your advertising builds awareness for your dealership
  • How awareness leads to consideration with shoppers that engage
  • How those shoppers convert to take action with your dealership

Learn more about the new metrics that matter in our latest ebook, the 7 Digital Sins of Attribution.

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