ebook The 7 Digital Sins of AttributionNow that we’ve tackled the importance of online branding, this week we’ll be discussing our penultimate metrics mistake, Sin 6: Overvaluing Your Own website and the Last Click.

Sin 6: Search 7 Digital sins of Attribution

Your Website Delivers

No doubt about it, when a car shopper arrives at your dealership’s website, you own the experience. Visitors are high quality, and those who submit email leads are more likely to turn into sales than shoppers from any other advertising medium. So why not just invest in search engine marketing (SEM) and forego the rest of your advertising investment?

There are several reasons to think twice about relying on search and your website alone. While both play a role in driving traffic, it’s important to think about what happens before car shoppers arrive at your website – the activities and advertising that prompts them to visit. With the average adult consumer spending over 5 hours per day online, they’ve almost certainly made several stops along the way.

The Power of Your Name

While SEM may help supplement a comprehensive marketing strategy for some dealerships, investing only in search means giving up valuable opportunities to influence car buyers and build your dealership’s brand throughout the entire shopping process. Interestingly, keywords that included variations of a dealership’s name accounted for 78% percent of search traffic to dealership websites, both paid and organic, according to an independent study by Dataium. By exposing shoppers to your brand during the purchase process through multiple channels, you’ll not only drive more organic traffic to your website and increase brand awareness, you’ll likely earn more sales.

Learn more about SEM and how it affects your dealership’s website in our latest ebook, The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution.