ebook The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution

Following last week’s post on the importance of understanding mobile shopper behavior, this week we’ll be addressing Sin 5: Underestimating the Value of Online Branding.

Sin 5 SoloThe Role of Online Branding

Digital marketing has come a long way since the days of email leads arriving via fax machine, with consumers now making major decisions about which vehicles and dealerships to consider — or eliminate — based upon what they see online. This increased sophistication; combined with consumer adoption, means that digital media can positively showcase your dealership at a brand level.

With consumers spending so much time online for entertainment, research and work, dealers who pass up opportunities to brand online are missing key moments to build awareness and drive consideration for their stores when shoppers are making key decisions.

Let shoppers get to know you 

Digital shoppers aren’t blind to your brand. In fact, shoppers on are telling us in no uncertain terms they want to know more about you and why they should buy from your dealership.18 They want to understand the experience your store will offer and learn what sets you apart from other dealers down the street. This gives you opportunities to communicate your brand message and to differentiate your store.

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