ebook The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution

Building on last week’s post on the role of the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), this week we’ll be diving into Sin 4: Not Recognizing the Importance of Mobile at the dealership.

Mighty Mobile

Mobile, 7 Digital SinsNow that roughly four out of five consumers between the ages of 18-34 owns a smartphone, the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall marketing mix depends largely on how well you keep up with mobile car shopping behavior. Mobile car shopping is a new mainstay, and underplaying its importance may just be the worst sin on the list.

Without a dedicated mobile strategy, your store risks losing your most valuable customers—those on the way to or at a dealership who are ready to buy—to the dealer down the street. Simply put, dealerships that fail to adapt to new mobile behavior will miss opportunities because they’re not showing up where people are now shopping. However, by looking to marketing channels that deliver a mobile audience and provide a mobile presence when it matters most, dealerships can set themselves up for success amid this massive shift in consumer behavior.

Mobile on the lot

Research that was once relegated to desktop computers is now happening on the dealership lot, or on the way to it, via smartphones. Indeed, a staggering 62% of site visitors say they accessed automotive content while at a dealership via smartphone prior to purchasing their new vehicle. As they look for final validation of their purchase, what they find can either give them the confidence to pull the trigger and make a purchase or send them off to shop a nearby competitor. How is your dealership showing up?

62 percent of car shoppers use mobile on the lot

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