Earlier this month we introduced The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution, an ebook focused on seven metrics-related missteps that cost dealerships both opportunities and sales. Starting today, and continuing each week through November, we’ll be taking a deep dive into each of the seven issues, providing additional perspective and sharing best practices to help you align your dealership with the behaviors of modern car buyers.


Here’s a common scenario: You’re evaluating your marketing mix for the year, and you need a way to compare all of your media options. You look at the total audience size and the cost to reach a certain number of buyers and choose to work with partners who deliver the greatest reach for the lowest cost. Or you simply choose partners who promise the biggest audience or most impressions. Sound familiar?

Digital Sins of Attribution: Common Automotive marketing measurement missteps: Sin 1Why bigger doesn’t always mean better

By making media investments based on audience size alone, you’re ignoring the context in which your marketing message reaches potential customers. Given that only 11 percent of U.S. adults aged 18-64 are considering buying a new car at any given time, your ad dollars may be wasted on the 89 percent who are not in the purchase process. That’s not so good for driving traffic and sales.

Learn more about targeting the right audience and making effective marketing decisions in our new ebook, The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution.



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