Consumer car shopping behavior – and the way your dealership looks to attract customers – has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Think back, before smart devices and online tools gave customers a way to learn about your dealership and inventory on their own, a small handful of key metrics – namely phone calls and emails – were all that mattered. Sourcing deals was easy because consumers were limited. But times have changed.

In our new ebook, The 7 Digital Sins of Attribution, we dive into seven metrics-related missteps that may be costing your dealership opportunities and sales. These important measurement issues range from ignoring new mobile shopping behavior to misinterpreting the role of Vehicle Detail Page views throughout the purchase process, in addition to key sections related to website referral traffic, online branding and quality of audience.


“It’s not just about having all the data, it’s about knowing what it all means,” shared Jack Simmons, co-host of the 7 Digital Sins webinar.

By gaining command these common dealership challenges, and tailoring processes and media buying decisions accordingly, you’ll set your store up to successfully engage with shoppers to drive more sales.

Don’t wait another minute. Get the facts you need to put your dealership on track with new consumer trends, or risk losing out to the competition.


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