Last winter at NADA, we announced our investment in RepairPal, the leading online source for auto repair and service advice. After collecting feedback from car owners and dealer-partners over the past six months, we’re excited to start testing a few new consumer features to help us understand how to best support Service on

“Future Service products will bring price and quality transparency to the category,” shared Grant Repsher, Senior Director of Product Development. “They’ll illustrate how competitive dealerships are on pricing and highlight all of the other benefits consumers may receive when utilizing dealerships over independent or chain providers.” Repair & Care announcement

As we continue to develop and improve the experience, we see an opportunity to educate consumers on the value of working with our dealer-partners for care and maintenance over the duration of vehicle ownership.  Throughout our discovery process, we heard time and again that the biggest factor driving vehicle owners to standalone repair shops and retail chains for service, rather than franchise dealerships, was a misconception that dealerships aren’t competitive on price when it comes to repairs. Though we know the value of getting a vehicle serviced at a dealership comes from both the quality of parts installed and the certification of the technician installing the parts, the average consumer may not. Perhaps this misconception is why, on average, dealerships lose out on upwards of 60% of service revenue for vehicles that are over three years old.

To connect consumers with the right options and add transparency to the Service experience, we’re providing new tools to help users make informed choices about vehicle maintenance.

What’s new?

Beginning July 18th, you’ll see a new “Repair & Care” button on the header of The button sends users to the Repair & Care landing page which offers consumers a new way to evaluate the cost of potential vehicle maintenance. Using RepairPal’s industry-leading RepairPrice EstimatorTM, which integrates industry-standard data, car owners are given an estimated price range for what typical repairs cost, factoring in things like location, cost of parts and average labor rates for both independent repair shops and franchise dealerships.

What’s next?

The new Repair & Care landing page is just our first step into the Service category at As we continue to collect insights from both car owners and the dealer-community, we’ll be testing new ways to engage consumers and provide value to our dealer-partners.

Have feedback about our new Service features? Drop us a line at